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Schindloffsky was born in 1960 in Vienna, Austria. He lived 7 years in the Hague, Netherlands, before returning to Vienna in 1975. 
Apart from a brief period of piano lessons Schindloffsky's approach to music is strictly autodidactic. 
In the late seventies he started to work as a musician performing in several formations ranging from fusion, blues, funk, rock and reggae to pop. 
Since 1980 he works as a freelance musician, arranger, composer & producer. In the early ninties, after almost 20 years in Vienna, 
Schindloffsky's interest focused on classical instruments, resulting in compositions mainly for stringed instruments.


Tours:    Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Italy

Travels: Scotland, Zimbabwe, France, England, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, USA, Mallorca, Thailand,
               Iceland, Hungary, Croatia, Australia, Greece, Canary islands, Czech Republic, Indonesia


Award:  1997 Theodor Körner Preis for composition, granted for 13 doors, a trilogy of string quartets.

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